Tuesday, January 24, 2017

We Survived the 60s... Celebrating 50 Years Since High School!

Note:  The donation request on the main page of wilsonhighreunion.com goes to Herb Halling from class of '62.  He has been maintaining this site for all the classes of Wilson.  The donations do not go to our class.  Thanks

Friday, January 20, 2017

Magical Mystery Tour

There will be two buses. First bus will be a 5PM pick up time at the Pacific Inn in Seal Beach. The second bus will be a 6PM pick up time (arriving at the pier event at 7PM).  Location of the second pick up will be decided at a later date.  Sign up for the buses will be sometime around June.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Park Ave. and 10th St.


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Friday, Aug. 24
“Magical Mystery Tour”… 
Buoy’s at Veterans Pier/ Double Decker Bus
No Host Bar - Light Dinner Included

End of Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier
15 39th Place • Long Beach
(Parking lot located at end of Termino off of Ocean Blvd.
Golf Cart available for ride to end of pier and back!)
Aug. 24 • 6PM to 10PM  $20 per person ........ 

How Many for Friday Aug 24?

 Saturday, Aug. 25
“The Joint was a Rockin'” 
Long Beach Yacht Club
No Host Bar - Buffet Dinner

6201 E. Appian Way
Long Beach
Includes Alumni Book
Aug. 25 • 5PM to 11PM  

$120 single / $210 Couple ........

How Many for Saturday Aug 25?

Sunday, Aug. 26
“Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon”
Campus Picnic and Tour   12-4PM • Park Ave. and 10th St.
Bring a lunch and join in our subtle version of a Woodstock Style Picnic...
listening to cool sounds from those magical days and just hanging out
with old pals... followed by a personal tour of the campus that you won't want to miss!
 Optional Dress:
60s / 70s Style
However, at this age...
Bras Mandatory!

For those NOT Attending the Reunion
ALUMNI BOOK ONLY    $45..............

Not attending Book

Help those on a tight budget attend the reunion! 

Sweethearts Forever!

Are You Married to a Wilson Grad?   

Doesn't matter what year your spouse graduated...
just that they are a Wilson grad! We'd like to honor 
you in the Alumni Book with your wedding photo, 
date and "now" photo.  Also, please indicate what 
year your spouse graduated from Wilson. Here is a 
sample of sweehearts Monica COSENZA and 
Fred BRADY '66.
May 18, 1974

Please send your color or black and white photo 
of your wedding day and a recent one of you both 
along with date of your wedding to:

P. Gehrke
4515 E. 2nd St.  • Long Beach, CA 90803   

via e-mail

Photos will be returned to you!

See below for current list of Married Grads!  
Please let me know of anyone that was left off.
  1. Cynthia ADAMS and Lester NELSON '68
  2. Kathy ALEXANDER and Jim LINGLE '67
  3. Pat ANDERKIN  and Ed FERRAR '68
  4. Wendy BARLOW  and Joe CECIL '66
  5. Greg COOPER and Elaine COLE '69
  6. Monica COSENZA  and Fred BRADY '66
  7. Ritz CRUZ and Charles JONES '66
  8. Mimi DECKER and Marc PUCKETT '68
  9. Kent EASTMAN and Sharon GESCHEIDER '69
  10. Lawna FOHRING  and Jim MUNHOLLAND ‘62 
  11. Patti GEHRKE and Gary PLUNKETT '68
  12. Jane GRAHAM and Ralph SPENCE '68
  13. Karen HERRICK and Bruce ONKEN '68
  14. Debby KELLER and Bradley BLASDEL '70
  15. Patty McWILLIAMS and Bob Peterson '66
  16. Marsha MILTON and Al ROBERSON '66
  17. Steve MacPHERSON  and Margaret SEAMAN '68
  18. Marianne MANHART and Oren SHELLEY '68
  19. Dee HARRINGTON and Steve CHAMBLESS '68
  20. Richard MARCOUX and Trudy TINSLEY '69
  21. Jim MASTICK and Sally MINNIE '69
  22. Brian MELAEY and Rhea RUELKE '69
  23. Yvonne MORIN and Monte BEARD '69
  24. Paula NEFF and Michael RILEY '68
  25. Wendy PEARL and Swen NATER '68
  26. Debbi RUFF and Albert MACK '68
  27. Rob SAGEHORN and Marilyn MASUDA '70
  28. Karen WAFFLE and William RUMFOLA '68



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