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We Survived the 60s... Celebrating 50 Years Since High School!

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Missing Grads

We had a class of 954 graduates! We have found 800. (Some people just don't want to be found!)
 If you know how to contact any of these people or just any type of lead on them, (relatives, friends, known married name, etc.) please have them register with us at www.WilsonHighReunion.com/1968 or send an e-mail to p.gehrke@verizon.net and let us know of any info that you might have. Thanks!

  1. Eunice Adams
  2. Susan Adams
  3. Elsa Alarcon
  4. George Alarcon
  5. Scott Allen
  6. Philip Amann
  7. Charles Aroz (senior only)
  8. Sandy Bagstad
  9. Marcia Baker
  10. Kathy Ballesteros
  11. Christine Baumeister
  12. Bonnie Bergman
  13. Gabor Boehl (senior only)
  14. Larry Boral
  15. Anita Brandenberg
  16. Robert Carlson
  17. Bill Carter (senior only)
  18. Earle Carvin
  19. Susan Clark
  20. Sheri Clement (senior only)
  21. Bill Cook
  22. Mike Cooley (senior only)
  23. Jack Cravens (senior only)
  24. Mike Crooks
  25. Joan Cunningham
  26. John Curran
  27. Diane Daugherty
  28. Candis Davis
  29. Christine Davis
  30. Judy Day
  31. Patti De La Espriella
  32. Donalynn Dickson
  33. Dennis Doyh (senior only)
  34. Karen Dunham
  35. Tom Elias
  36. Tom Elliot
  37. Carol Evans
  38. Wanda Evans
  39. Greg Everts
  40. Bob Gaither (senior only)
  41. Annette Gooch
  42. Rachel Goodwin
  43. Ellen Green
  44. Karen Green
  45. Steve Greenwood
  46. Terry Hadley
  47. Richard Hall
  48. Richard Hart (senior only)
  49. Greg Hartley (possibly deceased)
  50. Robert Heath
  51. Reni Heller (senior only)
  52. Hanne Henriksen
  53. Debra Hill (Poss deceased)
  54. Robin Hill
  55. Paul Isaacson
  56. Angelina Iuli
  57. Sandy James
  58. Allen Johnson
  59. Christine Johnson
  60. Dave Johnson
  61. Michael Johnson
  62. Richard Johnson (senior only)
  63. Steve Johnson
  64. Mary Jones
  65. Bruce Kallenberg
  66. Kathy Kennedy
  67. Tammy Kenyon
  68. Barbara Laney
  69. Tim Larson
  70. Roni Layton
  71. Raija Lindberg
  72. Jeff Loomis
  73. Robert Mahorney
  74. Sharon Matthews
  75. John McCade
  76. Neil McCloskey
  77. Charles McCormick
  78. Edward McGill (senior only?)
  79. Nolan Melson (senior only?)
  80. Lillian Mikalonis
  81. Ed Milkey
  82. Barbara Miller
  83. Volkart Moore (senior only?)
  84. Bob Moran (senior only?)
  85. Fred Moreno (senior only?)
  86. Susan Morgan
  87. Lesley Moulder
  88. David Muniz
  89. Mary Murphy (senior only?)
  90. Sandy Myers
  91. Gary Nelson
  92. Laurie Newton
  93. Kevin Olson
  94. Melody Pares
  95. Barbara Parrish
  96. Bill Pattison
  97. Robert Peel
  98. Linda Perret
  99. Susan Peyton
  100. Armand Phillippi
  101. George Pike  (senior only?)
  102. Cheryl Pinsoneault
  103. Mike Pithan
  104. John Pratt
  105. Gloria Roberts
  106. Theresa Robertson (senior only)
  107. Gloria Rodenborn
  108. Melinda Rodriguez
  109. William Ruprecht
  110. Mike Ryan (senior only?)
  111. Johnnie Sanchez (senior only?)
  112. Doug Scheffler (senior only?)
  113. Ed Schulenburg
  114. Skip Schwaner
  115. Tim Seymour
  116. Mike Sherlock
  117. Gloria Simmons (senior only?)
  118. Mike Simons (senior only?)
  119. Mark Sions (senior only?)
  120. Mark Sipes
  121. Steve Sirmans
  122. Jack Skarupinski (senior only?)
  123. Randy Sledge
  124. Bryan Smith (senior only)
  125. Ellen Smith
  126. Leanna Smithee
  127. Kim Stanley
  128. Mark Stone (senior only)
  129. Robert "Scott" Strong
  130. Veronica Tan
  131. Peggy Taylor
  132. Dennis Thomas
  133. Becky Thompson
  134. Melissa Trimmer
  135. Edie Tyler
  136. Cheryl Valliant
  137. Nancy Vasilou
  138. Lewis Ward
  139. Kirk Wasley
  140. Patricia Washburn (senior only)
  141. Joni Wells
  142. Mike Westcott
  143. Terence White
  144. Barry “Rick” Wikstron (senior only)
  145. Paula Williams
  146. Shannon Williams
  147. Carol Wilson
  148. Melanie Wilson (senior only)
  149. Aleta Witt
  150. Robin Worley
  151. Miyoko Yanagi - Foreign Exchange Student
  152. Julie Young
  153. Michael Zellars

In Memory Of

So many things have happened
Since they were called away,
So many things to share with them had they been left to stay.
And now on this reunion day,
Memories do come our way.
Though absent, they are ever near, still missed, remembered,
always dear.
- author unknown

  1. Reginald Arnold
  2. Dennis Atkins
  3. Dan Baldwin
  4. Bruce Barrett
  5. Julie Bitschenauer
  6. Gary Blews 
  7. Valerie Bowermann
  8. Angela Brownlow
  9. Ann Cady
  10. Brian Campagne
  11. Glen Campbell
  12. Mark Carey
  13. Kathleen "Kay" Carlson
  14. Mike Carlson
  15. John Cauwels
  16. Paul Chamberlain
  17. Ken Champion
  18. Jay Clark
  19. Bill Clements
  20. Roberta Colucci
  21. Donald Corpuz
  22. Diana Cummings
  23. Michael Cummings
  24. Ed Davis
  25. Willliam Delle
  26. Julie Demler
  27. Pamela Dietrich
  28. Joe Dooley 
  29. John Dunn
  30. Rober Edenburn
  31. Clyde Elms
  32. John Ewald 
  33. Lonnie Fluent
  34. Susie French (Glenda S. Van Ausdale) 
  35. Susan "Jan" Fuller
  36. Val Garner
  37. John Gasper
  38. David Goldsmith
  39. Michael Gordon
  40. Cheryl Grass
  41. Scott Greear
  42. Robert Hall
  43. Sharyn Hanson
  44. Maureen Harkness
  45. Gary Haas (2017)
  46. Debra Hill
  47. David Holland
  48. Janice Holm
  49. Don Houseal
  50. Dean Hughes 
  51. Don Kaufman
  52. Ellen Kennedy
  53. Tom Klein
  54. Christopher Kurtz - Vietnam May '68
  55. Steve Lanier
  56. Michael Lukas
  57. Steve Lutz
  58. John Maher
  59. Gary Martin (2017)
  60. Scott McKenzie
  61. John McManus
  62. Edie Mitchell
  63. Mary Jane Mooney 
  64. Barbara Murphy
  65. Tighe O’Brien
  66. Teresa Oliveri
  67. Michael Pithan 
  68. Pamela Ray
  69. Clive Richey
  70. Geary Rivera
  71. William Rodrigues (Possibly deceased)
  72. Karen Scott
  73. Tim Sierdsma
  74. Ellen "Lisa" Smith (2016)
  75. Andy Sourbeer
  76. Donna Sprinkle
  77. Dean Stafford
  78. Bob Sterling
  79. Diane Swanson
  80. Chris Talieres - 2013
  81. Marlene Tallant
  82. Sterling Thrasher
  83. Tom Valkis
  84. Jack Vaughn (Possibly deceased)
  85. Bill Vlahakis
  86. James Voorhus
  87. Paul Webb
  88. Randy Westfall
  89. Larry Wilder
  90. Melinda Williams

(Please know that we have endeavored to confirm the accuracy of this information but realize there may be some unintentional errors. If there are any mistakes, we apologize and ask you to please keep us informed. Please also let us know if there should be anyone else added to this list.)

In Memory of Highlights

To the Class of 1968:

Since we began planning for the upcoming "50th", every effort has been made to find every classmate possible. Inevitably, as this search went on, the In Memoriam list from the 40th became longer. What we have hoped to do is to "put faces" with the names, and we have gathered information from friends and loved ones wherever possible. In this way, we hope to have heartwarming memories of those we have lost included during this time of reminiscing, as we prepare for this milestone event.

We are only in the beginning stages of  compiling these IMHs so please refer back from time to time. In some instances, where no family or friend was available to help, we will include just the minimal detail found (year, place of death). Even just a blip about when they left gives us the opportunity to celebrate their lives instead of grieve for their loss.  

This information will be updated as new information comes in. If you'd like to add any information in regards to any of our deceased grads please contact Patti Gehrke at p.gehrke@verizon.net

NOTE:  Jeri ("Sherlock") Livingstone ('63) who has completed the IMH projects for previous classes, has agreed to assist with 1968.  She is willing to help with the actual writeups, if any family member or close friend would like to call her at (714) 539-1429 or email: jandktoo@socal.rr.com

ARNOLD, Reginald "Reggie" – March 27, 1950 - March 14, 1992This tribute was shared by his older brother Ralph, Wilson Class of  ’64:
     Reggie was born in Long Beach, and for a time lived in  Lakewood.  When Reggie was 5 and Ralph 10, their mother left and Ralph virtually raised his younger brother (and best friend) while their father  provided a role model for hard work and responsible parenting.  Their older sister graduated from Poly.  Their father eventually remarried, a lady from Grants Pass, OR, and they loved their stepmother very much.
Reggie was born with vision problems and had to undergo several surgeries before the age of 3. Their dad asked for their input when deciding whether to stay in Lakewood or move to the beach – THE BEACH, OF COURSE!  They moved to Belmont Shore and enjoyed the proximity to the ocean and surfing.  After graduation from Wilson, Reggie studied liberal arts at Long Beach City College, and worked at a gardening supply business.  When the family moved to Washington, he stayed in the area and lived with friends. He continued to study art, and then traveled extensively throughout the US (hitchhiking.)
     He ended up in Washington, where his brother was a foreman at a sawmill owned by Weyerhauser.  Reggie went to work at the mill.  Tragically, while working the night shift, his sleeve was caught in a machine and his left hand was mangled–he subsequently went through many surgeries and brutal skin grafts in an attempt to save it. Although amputation was avoided, his hand remained deformed and painful for the rest of his life. Ralph relocated to a ski area near Mt Rainier, and Reggie tried to learn to snow ski, while his brother and friends attempted to design ski poles and equipment to accommodate his disability.
     When he was 23, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, and underwent extensive radiation and chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, the radiation targeted an area too close to his carotid artery, resulting in a massive stroke.  His rehabilitation from that stroke led to a new role as a “motivational’ visitor to stroke patients in hospitals, where he would use his cane to tap on someone and inspire them to get moving.  Ralph described  him as nothing short of amazing.
     Through Ralph, he met a woman, moved to Seattle and enjoyed a relationship with her.  She “took very good care of him”  for the remainder of his life. He also enjoyed sailing with his brother, and had an art studio in Seattle.  In March of 1992, just short of his 42nd birthday, he died from a second stroke which had been threatening his existence for some time.  He is buried in Grants Pass, Oregon.  He was loved dearly by everyone who knew him… from the bus drivers he met, to the homeless he encountered on the streets of Seattle…. and he is missed every day.  

Reggie Arnold 1968
Reggie Arnold 1970

 ATKINS, Dennis Sept. 14, 1950approx. 2014  Thank you to his former wife, Diane, and his niece, Gina Atkins Parson for helping put together this tribute:      
     After graduation from Wilson, an early marriage brought a daughter and a son.  He was divorced for many years and was not in contact with his children or former wife in his later life, but his niece Gina was pleased to provide some additional information about his life.
     He entered the construction industry. When he was just 24, he was severely injured in an industrial accident, a fall from scaffolding in the days before workplace safety regulations were in effect.  This accident left  him with a significant brain injury which permanently compromised his equilibrium and in the last 5 years of his life, his ability to communicate coherently.
     For a time, he lived with his parents in Fallbrook,  then for many years in a nursing home in that town. Gina recalled that Dennis enjoyed watching sports on TV -- particularly baseball -- and became very involved in his church. Members of his church, in return, became involved in his life, and were quite supportive and helpful to Gina and other family members in taking care of him. He later was moved to an assisted living facility in Hemet, where he passed away in 2014.  Dennis was predeceased by his son Richard in 2005.

Dennis Atkins 1968

BALDWIN, Daniel Not Verified  This info is unverified.. could be for a different person:
     Daniel Paul Baldwin DOB 9/22/50 died at the age of 18 on 5/19/69 in Walnut Creek.  No family members or obit found.

Daniel Baldwin 1968

BARRETT, Bruce September 18, 1950 - January 15, 1990
Bruce Barrett 1968

BITSCHENAUER , Julie Anna December 28, 1949May 20, 1996   Thank you to her husband, Gianni Kiresich, for this tribute:
  After high school, Julie finished Dental Assistant school and moved to Hawaii where she lived for 2 years. She returned to Long Beach in 1975 where she met and married Gianni Kiresich. Julie had two sons, Mario (1978) and Jeffrey (1979); they moved to Lakewood shortly after Jeffrey was born and lived there until the time of her passing in May of 1996 …she was 46.
     Julie was jovial, always smiling, which filled the room everywhere she went.  She had a strong personality and loved to tell it like she saw it.  She enjoyed spending time with her family, especially her two sons and husband.  Some of her hobbies included boating, camping, bowling, and stirring the pot. Her favorite musicians were the Doobie Brothers, George Strait, and the Beach Boys (much to the chagrin of her husband). She was beloved and her passing has left a void in the lives of all who loved and cared for her.

Julie Bitschenauer 1968
Julie Bitschenauer with Mario, Gianni, & Jeffrey 1993

BLEWS, Gary July 28, 1950Sept. 9, 2013 From Obituary found online:
   Gary W. Blews, formerly of Agawam, MA died 9/9/13. Gary is survived by his wife of 20 years, Chelle Chapman, daughters Diane (Gene) Turner, Chestina Blews (David Trujillo),son Jesse Munn, grandchildren Joshua, Ryan, Cassandra, Dakota, great-grandchildren Kaden and Kylie and Michael. Born to William J. Blews and Joyce G. Blews 7/28/1950. Brother to Scott (Nancy) Wilder, Steve (Kat) Wilder, Jean Gagnon, Ken (Sandy) Blews, Beth (Bill) Chism and Leonard Blews. He had numerous nieces and nephews. His father and brother, Scott, preceded Gary in death.
     (Gary only attend Wilson in his senior year.. there is no senior photo of him available.) 

 BOWERMAN, Valerie May 26, 1950May 15, 2015  Information shared by her husband, Paul Veltman:
    After Wilson, Valerie graduated from Northern AZ University, and got her Master’s Degree in Special Education from Holy Names University  in Oakland.  She married Paul in 1972 and they remained in the Bay area, where they raised two daughters and one son.   She spent her entire career teaching Special Ed for grades 4 , 5 and 6 in the Fremont School District.
     As an educator, as well as the mother of two deaf children, she became a devoted advocate for fair treatment of handicapped youth within the school systems.  Her passion was helping their families in fighting for access to quality education, and she helped countless kids in that pursuit.
     Valerie passed away in Fremont at the age of 63 in May of 2015 from congestive heart failure.  Paul recalled that he and Val attended and enjoyed her 25th Wilson High reunion.  He stated that she was always fun to be around.  She is survived by her husband, children, and three grandchildren living in the Phoenix area. Paul is planning to relocate to Arizona to be close to them.

Val Bowerman 1968

BROWNLOW, Angela July 4, 1949May 1984 
     Public records show that Angela Ellen Brownlow was born on July 4, 1949, and died at the age of 24 in May of 1984.  She married Lee Cox.  She is buried in Minnesota.  No obituary found or family located.
Angela Brownlow 1968

 CADY, Ann Feb. 24, 1950Jan. 16, 1999 Thank you to her brother, Jim Cady:
     After graduating for CSU Hayward, Ann lived in the Bay Area for a few years but after she and her husband divorced, embarked on a trip to Texas that changed everything.  After taking up residence there, she met her future husband, Bill, and became a Texan forever...complete with the Texas drawl...seriously, I would call her and not not believe it was her on the phone!
     I am convinced she would still be a Texan today had not a terrible auto accident with an 18 wheeler taken her life. on Jan. 16, 1985.  Her daughter (Molly), then 8 yrs.old, sustained a skull fracture that today leaves her partially disabled but a vibrant niece of mine today.  Ann would have loved to see her friends from Wilson .....she had so many.

Ann Cady 1968

CAMPAGNE, Brian March 7, 1950May 15, 1995  
     Brian died in Clinton, PA in 1995.  No obituary was located, and a letter sent to family in Arizona brought no response.  (No photo available)

CAMPBELL, Glen August 12, 1950 - July 1, 2003
Glen Campbell 1968

CAREY, Joseph "Mark" September 3, 1950September 1980  
     Public records show that Joseph MARK Carey died in 1980 and is buried in Arkansas.  All attempts to locate family members have been unsuccessful.

Mark Carey 1968

 CARLSON, Kathleen April 25, 1950January  30, 2005  An obituary published in the New York Times provided a lead for further contact with her two closest friends, resulting in a more complete account of her extraordinary life.  Brief excerpts from that obituary are shown here, followed by a loving tribute from her best friend, Dorothy Korber:
       “Kathleen Carlson died on January 30, 2005 at Memorial Sloan - Kettering Hospital. She died following a year-long, courageous battle with leukemia. She was 54 years old. Ms. Carlson served in New York as President and Chief Executive Officer of the AXA Foundation for the past eighteen years. She is survived by her two daughters,Laura and Lindsay, their new adoptive mother Dorit Reznek, her brother Larry Carlson, her sister Patricia Carlson, and her mother Mary Jane Carlson.”
     (Dorit Reznek, located living in Israel, provided the family picture of Laura, Lindsay and Kathleen, and suggested that Kathleen’s lifelong best friend, Dorothy Korber, would be pleased to participate in this tribute.)
     Dorothy wrote: This is Kay's story, which I am honored to share as her lifelong best friend (even if I did go to rival Millikan High!)  We met as fifth graders at Eugene Tincher Elementary School in the Los Altos neighborhood of Long Beach and grew up there together in the 1960s. In 1974, we shared an apartment in Laguna Beach and there we spent some of the happiest days of both our lives…..here you go:
    Kathleen Ann Carlson was born in Minnesota on April 25, 1950. Even as a child, she was a bold and unique individual.  Early on, she decided she would be called "Kay," differentiating herself from the many girls nicknamed Kathy during the 1960s. Kay was an outgoing, joyful person with a big heart, an unself-conscious laugh, and both the ambition and the brains to become a true success in life.
    After graduating from Wilson High with the class of 1968, Kathleen entered the University of California at Irvine, where she earned a bachelor's degree in American History. During college, Kay worked part-time at Disneyland and enjoyed being part of the Happiest Place on Earth. Her first job after college was on the staff at UCI. She lived in Laguna Beach during that time and, typically, relished the lifestyle of a young college graduate living in a gorgeous little beach town.
    She left Southern California for the Bay Area in 1974 to attend graduate school at San Francisco State University. While Kay worked on her master's degree in history, Gov. Jerry Brown appointed her to be the first student to sit on the Board of Trustees of the California State University system.
    After working as a risk management officer at UCLA, Kay headed east in the early 1980s. She settled in Manhattan, where she was to live for the remainder of her life. From 1981 until 1985, she was the Director of Corporate Programs for Catalyst, a leading research and advisory organization devoted to expanding opportunities for women in the workforce.
    Then Kay went on to head the AXA Foundation as its President and Chief Executive Officer, where she served for 18 years until her death in 2005. This was a high-profile position that suited her as she moved easily through Manhattan's corporate world -- and worked hard to help deserving charities and other non-profit organizations across America.
     Kay did not marry but her personal life was full. She adopted two beloved daughters from China: Laura, who is now 23, and Lindsay, 17. She traveled the world and always tackled life with gusto. Kay was diagnosed with leukemia in early 2004; she fought the disease with characteristic courage and grace. She died on January 30, 2005, at age 54.

Kathleen Carlson 1968
Lindsay (YiYing) and Laura (Jina) with Kathleen 2003


CARLSON, Michael May 5, 1949September 25, 2012  Tribute submitted by his sister, Patty O’Hara:
     After graduating from Wilson High School, Michael attended North Dakota State University of Pharmacy.  Moving back to Long Beach after graduation, Michael worked as a pharmacist in several different hospitals in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
     He spent his leisure time reading medical journals and various publications like Popular Science, Computer World and Forbes.  He was always on top of current events reading The New Yorker, U.S. Weekly, Newsweek and many others.  You could always find Michael at Borders.
     He had a passion for collecting, and enjoying, fine cigars and single malt scotch which he proudly shared with close friends and family.
Michael lived his entire life in Belmont Shore and loved every minute of it.  He had many friends and neighbors that he encountered daily and took pleasure talking with them. Michael truly was a kind and loving soul and will be missed and remembered by many.

Mike Carlson 1968
Mike Carlson 2008

 CAUWELS, John April 25, 1950May 8, 1976 
     Family was located, but declined to give any further information.

John Cauwels 1968


CHAMBERLAIN, Paul May 27, 1950 - December 1, 2001 Information given by his sister, Shirlayne Livendusky.
    Paul was married twice – in 1976 and 1996, and had one son, born 11/97.  After earning his Master’s Degree, he went on to own an air compressor company.
    He loved to cycle and run.  In October, 2000 he was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Three surgeries left him paralyzed.  He passed away in Costa Mesa, CA just 3 days after his son turned 4.  

Paul Chamberlain 1968
Paul Chamberlain 12/1999

CHAMPION, KennethJuly 12, 1949 - December 12, 1997
     Public records show that Kenneth died at the age of 48, and is buried in Arkansas. He served in the Army in Vietnam.  No obituary was found, many phone calls and a letter sent to family brought no response.
Ken Champion 1968


 CLARK, Jay March 17, 1950December 11, 2004  Shared by Judy Sterling Clark (Wilson '69):    
     Jay moved to Maui right after graduation and it wasn’t hard to convince his parents, Jim and Midge to retire and purchase a home and six acres in Haiku.  When they weren’t surfing, Jay and classmate, Dale Johnson (’68), attended Maui Community College.    
    I had known Jay since elementary school, due to his friendship with my brother, Bob Sterling (’68).  We started living together in 1969, which began our 30 year marriage.
     Jay, being the generous, fun loving person he was, invited many of our high school friends to ‘come to Maui and live on the property in tents’.  Among them were my brother and his wife, Sandi Ryan (’69), Claude and Devi (Allen) Currie (’68), and Wally and Lucille (Sekulich-’68) Robison (’67).  Many friends came to Maui, thanks to Jay, including some of his closest friends, including, Gary Plunkett (’68), Gary Denton (’67), Chris Shaw (’67), Jack Preston (’67), Bill Werle (’69), Mike Deeds (’68), Jim Anderson (’69), Harold Grey (’67), Bobby and Carol (Sterling-’65) Lent (’66), Darry and Colleen (Grant- ’69) Cecil (’67), Kristy London (’68) Smoker Gould (’71), Frances Sterling (’71), David Sekulich (’67), and Chris DeLance (’68), to name a few.  We spent our days at Hookipa and our evenings playing Monopoly!
        Jay worked as a roofer (even with his fear of heights) for Tops Roofing Co. We tried farming on the property, but soon discovered, when the surf was up, farming was not a choice.   He even got into hang gliding in Kula.  He had purchased a 24 ft. Wharram catamaran from Craig Mathieson (’67), which Craig had built here on Maui.  Whenever he had a chance, Jay sailed on many excursions throughout Maui’s waters.  Upon Chris DeLance’s and Mike Deeds, disappearance in Cambodia, we purchased the 35’ Kantola Trimaran that Chris and his wife, Debby, had sailed here from LB.  Jay got his captains license and we began our 20 year business as a Sail/Snorkel/Whale watch, out of Maalaea, as White Wings Charters. 
    During Jay and my 30 year marriage we were blessed with 3 amazing children, Jason (1979), Justin (1983) and Juliet (1986).  They were Jay’s life and he loved them more than anything.    The kid’s friends still speak of their fond memories with Jay going on Dawn Patrol trips.  Any chance Jay had, you would find him in or on the ocean.  It was his ‘happy place’.  He was a skilled captain, a great friend (he never said a bad word about anyone!), and a loving father.
     His life was too short, and while missed, we know he made sure to live his life with more love than most, and in return, was loved immensely.  
Jay Clark 1968
Carl Deeds, Gary Plunkett, Claude Currie, Jay's dad, Jay
Jay with kids and Judy approx. 1997

CLEMENTS, Bill January 31, 1950 - unknown
Bill Clements 1968

COLUCCI, Roberta July 6, 1950 - September 1978
Roberta Colucci 1968

 CORPUZ, Donald September 1, 1950 – February 26, 1997  Info shared by his son, Nicholas:
     After graduation, Donald  Corpuz  majored in Business Administration at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  He returned to Long Beach, and worked for California Federal Bank.  His 1979 marriage to Carla Krajcik brought a son and a daughter.  In 1984, he left Cal Fed and opened his own brokerage firm.
     His favorite pastime was playing the drums.  He remained in the Naples area of  Long Beach, where he passed away at the age of 46 in February of 1997.  He is buried at Rose Hills in Whittier. 

Donald Corpuz 1968


CUMMINGS, Michael April 16, 1950 - December 2, 2006
     Michael Cummings passed away at the age of 56 in Los Angeles.  No obituary was located and efforts to reach family by phone and mail were unsuccessful.
Mike Cummings 1968

DAVIS, Edward July 30, 1950May 14, 2002 Information given by his brother, Robert:
     Edward grew up in Long Beach, and other than a brief time living in Las Vegas, lived here all of his life.  He remained single, and spent his entire working life as a bartender.  He was very good at his job – outgoing and friendly, he had a “way with people.”  One of his favorite and long time jobs was at the iconic Hof’s Hut Marina at 2nd and PCH, a location which allowed him a lot of contact with old friends.  He was also an avid coin collector.
     He passed away at the age of 51 in May of 2002, and his ashes were scattered at sea.  Robert stated he lived a good life, had many friends, and  was “gone way too soon.” 

Ed Davis 1968

 DELLE, William February 14, 1950 - April 16, 2006
Bill Delle 1968

DEMLER, Julie July 22, 1950October 5, 1974 Shared by her sister, Bonnie Demler Watkins (’62):      
    After a brief marriage ended, Julie returned to LBCC and got her LVN License.  She was very intelligent and did well in school.  Sadly, she never got to practice her profession.  Her brief search for the perfect position ended when a chance encounter on a Long Beach street ended tragically.  While resisting an armed robbery, she fought to keep her purse and was murdered on October 5, 1974 at the age of 24.  Her purse held $20.
     Bonnie recalls that Julie had a passionate love for cats, and while growing up on Ocean Blvd, had a beautiful Persian (who caused allergy problems with her father and sister.)  After her death, her dad – never a fan of cats – became an avid “cat person.”  That was sort of her legacy.  She was a very good sister and is remembered with love.

Julie Demler 1968

 DIETRICH, Pamela Jo October 23, 1950 - February 1979
     Pamela and her husband, James Barriault, died in a car accident  in Riverside County.  She was just 28 years old.  No obituary was located and a letter to her brother in Northern California brought no reply.
Pamela Jo Dietrich 1968

DOOLEY, Joseph January 21,1950 - October 8, 2008  Thank you to his wife, Karen for sharing this.
     Joe graduated CSULB with a degree  in Chemical Engineering, and retired in 2006 after working  26 years for Exxon Mobil.  He was a devout Christian, an avid golfer, successful hunter, great cook and always an LA Dodger fan.  He is survived by his wife Karen, sons Joe (Bridgett), Jeff (Jessica)  & 3 grandchildren.
     He lived in Billings, Mt and died of a pulmonary embolus on 10-8-2008 while vacationing in Maine.  

Joseph Dooley 1968
Joe Dooley 2002

 DUNN, John August 25, 1950 - November 12, 2002  Thank you to his former wife, Sandie Barden, for sharing this with us.
     John was born in Santa Monica and raised in Long Beach.  He met his wife, Sandie (Millikan ’67) at church, and they married in 1969.  They had two sons together - Kevin (1972) and Mark (1973). He worked for many years as a meat cutter.  He then was employed by Lawson Products selling electrical parts.
     John’s passion was SPORTS, both as spectator and participant.  He played softball,  coached his sons’ soccer and baseball teams, and bowled in numerous leagues.  He loved and enjoyed boating with his family on their Bay-Liner boat. They remained very active in their church.
     John Dunn died at the age of 52 of a heart attack.  Sandie said in summary that “he was a great guy, a good father, and always the life of the party. He adored his kids and would do anything for his family and friends." He is survived by a sister, Barbara, wife Sandie, their sons, and 4 grandchildren.

John Dunn 1968

EDENBURN, Roger November 5, 1949 - January 27, 2004
     Public records shown that Roger died at the age of 54 in Los Angeles County.  A daughter was located and declined to participate.  No other family found. (No photo available)

ELMS, Clyde June 24, 1950 - November 15, 1987
     Clyde only attended Wilson for his senior year. We have been unable to located any family members.  (No photo available)

EWALD, John February 13, 1950 - March 16, 2015  Thank you to his older brother, Don (Wilson ’64), of Grants Pass, OR.
     While at Wilson, John studied photography, and after graduation became the photographer at Lions Drag Strip, where Don raced.  His employment there from 1968-1972 morphed into a second job working for the Drag News as an ad salesman, and eventually, he took over the subsidiary, Boat News.  He perfected his sales technique, and did quite well. He then went to an ad-based publication in Orange County, and in the late 70s he bought a house in Buena Park.
     A first marriage brought two daughters, and ended in divorce in 2000.  He moved to Brea, where he had his own ad agency, and did very well – his primary client being Firestone / Bridgestone.  At the same time, he entered the printing industry and brokered printing jobs as a sub-contractor.
     After his divorce, he got back into the drag racing world and worked closely with Don in restoring old dragsters – which were displayed at “nostalgia drag racing” events.  He remained active in the Brea community civic affairs.  He also was an avid collector of “anything Civil War” including firearms and facts, and was a popular lecturer on the subject.
     He met the love of his life, Cynthia Carpenter, in about 2004. They were together for 10 years and married in 2014 – shortly before he was diagnosed with bladder cancer – (a disease commonly related to smoking.) He fought a courageous battle, and Cynthia was an angel throughout the ordeal – she brought such happiness to him for those years. He died on March 16, 2015, surrounded by family.  His memorial was held at the NHRA Museum in Pomona.  He is survived by his wife, two brothers, and two daughters.
     Don summarized John as “larger than life – he just sucked the air out of any room he entered.”

John Ewald 1968

John Ewald 2013


 FLUENT, Lonnie February 6, 1950March 27, 2014  Obituary from Havasu News:
     Lonnie Fluent passed away May 27,2014 in Lake Havasu City, at the age of 64. He was born to the late Leon and Ruby (DeJulio) Fluent in Long Beach, Calif., Feb. 6, 1950.

     Lonnie worked at Boat Brokers in sales having moved to Lake Havasu City 22 years ago. He was a legend in the performance boating community. Sons Aaron and Jeff shared a passion for racing boats and water ski racing with their dad. Lonnie had a nickname for everyone he met and loved his grandkids “Bubbles and Popeye”; they were the light of his life. He took pride in coaching his sons and grandson in Little League and football.     
     Lonnie is survived by his loving family; wife of 28 years, Peggy Fluent of Lake Havasu City; sons, Aaron Fluent (Cheryl) of Lake Havasu City and Jefferson Barrus (Melanie) of Long Beach, Calif.; brother, Lorin Fluent of Dana Point, Calif.; grandchildren, Zoey and Carson Fluent of Lake Havasu City. He is preceded in death by his brother, Leon Fluent.
     Lonnie was truly a unique individual and lit up the life of everyone that he knew. He was a true jokester.

Speed on the Water.com  written by Matt Trulio: 

     A familiar and friendly face on the West Coast Custom powerboat and high-speed waterski-racing scenes for decades, Lonnie Fluent, who for many years was the public and primary sales face of Nordic Boats until 2007, died earlier today. Fluent, who reportedly suffered from heart disease, was recovering from open-heart bypass surgery he underwent last week. He was 64 years old.
     A much-beloved figure in the West Coast custom go-fast boat world, Lonnie Fluent (right) pictured here with his son, Aaron, will be sorely missed.
     Fluent's son, Aaron, confirmed his father's death on his own Facebook page earlier today. Aaron Fluent, who followed in his father's go-fast powerboat industry footsteps with Absolute Speed and Marine in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., could not be reached for comment when this story went live.
     An official cause of death for Fluent has not been released.

     "Lonnie was a super-nice, super-amiable guy," said Jeff Johnston of Hering Propellers, who as a former advertising salesman for Powerboat magazine got to know Fluent and worked with him frequently on ad campaigns during his tenure at Nordic. "He always had a smile on this face, and he always put a smile on your face."

Lonnie Fluent 1968

FRENCH, Susie – February 22, 1950 - October 8, 2011 

Susie French 1968

FULLER, Susan "Jan"March 19, 1951 - January 4, 1989  Thank you to her husband, Gary, for this information:
     After graduation from Wilson, Susan attended secretarial college in Long Beach.  In 1969, she met Gary Pearson at a party – they married in December of 1970.   His service in the Navy sent them to Virginia, to Cuba, Guam, Tennessee and finally, they settled in Texas.  They had one son and one daughter.  She held many office jobs, including  10 years at the First National Bank in Beeville, about 60 miles north from the Gulf of Mexico. Her passion was scuba diving – she became certified --  an extra challenge,  as she was blind in one eye since birth.  She loved children and animals.
     Susan died in 1989 in Beeville.  She is survived by husband, Gary, two children, and 5 grandchildren who never got to know her.  Gary described her as a “wonderful woman”, one who was loved dearly and is missed very much.

Susan "Jan" Fuller 1968

GARNER, Valerie April 1, 1950 - December 21, 2001
Valerie Garner 1968

GASPER, John November 10, 1950 - March 6, 1991 
John Gasper 1968

GOLDSMITH, David November 24, 1950 - October 7, 1997
David Goldsmith 1968

GORDON, Michael July 24, 1950 - November 15, 1996
Michael Gordon 1968

GRASS, Cheryl July 2, 1950 - December 9, 2002  (Not verified that this is our Cheryl)
Cheryl Grass 1968

GREER, Scott February 1, 1950 - November 9, 1987
   Scott only attended Wilson for his senior year.  Unable to locate family members. (No photo available.
GORDON, Michael – 

HAAS, Gary October 6, 1949 – May 5, 2017   Obituary www.memorialsolutions.com:
     Gary was born in Los Angeles to Rose Marie (Franco) and Marion Haas. Mom, brother John and Gary spent the early years with and near grandparents Ted and Alice Franco, and helped in the family restaurant. With stepfather Robert Boswell, the family moved to the Long Beach Peninsula, where sister Angel was born. There Gary developed a love of the beach, fishing, boating, independence and general rambunctiousness. He attended Lowell Elementary, Rogers Junior High and graduated from Wilson High School in 1968. 

     From early teens Gary worked in various Belmont Shore restaurants, eventually becoming the day manager of Big John’s Pizza and Pool. It was there that he met Marilyn McKercher and started an eight+ year courtship that led to their marriage in 1978. 
     He began his Civil Service career at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard in 1974 as a pipe fitter. He eventually transferred to the Public Works section of the Naval Station and retired in 2007 as an Environmental Protection Specialist with the 63rd RRC at the Joint Forces Training Center in Los Alamitos. 
     Gary enjoyed family and friends, camping trips with fishing and water skiing, ski trips throughout CA, CO, WY, UT, and travels to Hawaii and Alaska. But his favorite get-away was the vacation home in Twin Peaks. He took impeccable care of his homes, cars and Marilyn. Starting out together so young (20 and 18), Gary and Marilyn really grew up together and expected to grow old together. Although that wasn’t to be, they enjoyed 47 years of love. Gary developed a genetic condition a few years ago that gradually robbed him of his energy and strength, but he never lost his sweetness.
     He will be lovingly missed by his survivors, including wife Marilyn, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law Jean Tanaka, Dan and Nancy McKercher, Julie and Tom Steckbeck; nieces and nephews Erin and Herb Centeno, Shannon and Josh Reilly, Lisa and Justin Ware, Leslie and Jon Patterson, TJ Steckbeck, Tyler Steckbeck;  great nieces and nephews; uncles Alex Franco and Joe Vanderkooy; aunts Anita Chichotka and Dolores Harden.
Gary Haas 1968

Gary Haas 2017

HALL, Robert December 19, 1949 - August 15, 1997
Robert Hall 1968

HANSON, Sharyn December 1, 1949 - March 3, 1991
Sharyn Hanson 1968

HARKENESS, Maureen March 6, 1950 - August 16, 1982
Maureen Harkeness 1968

HILL, Debra Ann January 9, 1950 - unknown at this time
Debra Ann Hill 1968

HOLLAND, Dave August 25, 1950 - unknown
     Dave attended Wilson for his senior year only. Unable to contact family members.

HOLLENBBECK, Ray May 23, 1950 - February 2, 2011
     Ray Hollenbeck died in Iowa.  All phone numbers for family members have been disconnected, and a letter sent to relatives in Fountain Valley was returned by the post office as undeliverable. 
Ray Hollenbeck 1968


HOLM, Janice Dec. 6, 1949-Sept. 6,1968   By fellow classmate Mark Lewis:
     "She had soulful eyes and an angels smile..."  She was a ' princess'....a truly golden girl.  It was easy to be around Janice. 
     From Bixby, to Stanford, and then Wilson, she was a good student and popular with both teachers and classmates.  
     She loved life.   She was a Bruinette, was in AMI, served on student council, enjoyed Bruin dances, and loved Bruin football.  
     All three of her siblings Steve, Robin, and Jill, were also graduating Bruins...a tribute to her parents Del and Darlene Holm. 
     At age eleven, her dad claimed she could run faster than any boy on our LB little league baseball team.  No one believed him.  She raced...and she won.  From that day on, I was pretty smitten with her.  
Janice Holm 1968
Janice Holm 1968; Mark Lewis 1968


MARTIN, Gary July 13, 1950 - July 26, 201This tribute was shared by Gary's lifelong friend Jack Raber, (Wilson  '68):
     Gary was born and raised in Long Beach, living first in Park Estates and later, in College Park Estates.  Before going to Wilson, Gary attended both Minnie Gant Elementary School and Walter B. Hill Jr. High School.  At Wilson, Gary was an exceptional saxophone player, playing in the band, orchestra, and jazz ensemble.  After Wilson, Gary earned his bachelor's degree from Cal State Long Beach and his Juris Doctor degree from Western States College of Law.  Following law school, Gary became a highly successful attorney in Orange County, first in general practice and later, in employment law.  He also served as a Superior Court Judge Pro Tem in several California jurisdictions.  Gary died at age 67 while recovering from surgery at UCLA and is survived by his wife of 37 years, Dawn, daughter Hillary, and granddaughter Addie. 
     He was truly one of the good guys of our era.  His humor could be a little biting but he didn't have a mean bone in his body.  As an attorney, the law was all about protecting the underdog and he always took extra time to make sure his clients knew their rights backward and forward.  He took great pride in being called a "bleeding heart".  An avid fly fisherman who was part owner of a fishing ranch near Mt. Shasta, he always made sure his guests knew that if they wanted fresh trout, they would have to go to the local supermarket to buy it.  His love for beef jerky and Health Bars knew no limits and his rants against green vegetables were legendary.  The world is a sadder place without him.
Gary Martin 1968

SMITH, Ellen Lisa Aug. 17, 1950 - Sept. 16, 2015 
     Lisa passed away in Long Beach, CA. on 09/16/2015. Her ashes were just placed at Forest Lawn on San Antonio Ave. near Cherry Ave, in Long Beach, CA. on March 8th, 2017, finally.    
Lisa Smith 1968

STERLING, Robert Joseph February 11, 1950 - April 21, 1990   Tribute by Judy Sterling ('69) and also Gary Plunkett ('68):
     I asked a few friends to give me a word that they thought best described Bob.  The most common word given was fearless.  I have to agree, Bob definitely was fearless.  If there was something to climb, fly, surf, risk, Bob was the first to go.  
     When Bob was younger he had a fondness for sports.  Surfing first, then baseball and gymnastics.He would go on surf trips with good friends, such as Jay Clark, Gary Plunkett, Johnny Tarleton, Jim Mastic, Claude Currie and others.  One of his closest friends growing up was Burke Gumbiner.    He loved animals and music . He actually was pretty good at playing the piano.  He was the only boy with 3 sisters, so I think my dad had different expectations of him.  
     Bob was married to my friend and classmate, Sandi Ryan (’69).  They moved to Maui together in 1970, when Jay invited many of our friends to camp on the property.  I remember Sandi told me, there were many times she felt she was going to end up a widow, due to Bob’s wild escapades.  If he had known about Jaws and big wave surfing, he would have been the first one out!  In January 16, 1973, Bob was surfing with Jay at Hookipa, when a shark grabbed him by his thigh and took a bite!  He had 2 skin grafts, made the front page of The Maui News, and was back surfing as soon as he was able!   He worked for Tops Roofing Co, which being the ‘monkey’ he was, made other crew fortunate.  He and Sandi had a daughter, Natalie.  Natalie, surfing and work were his life.  
     After Bob and Sandi separated, Bob moved to Washington for  a year.  Upon his return to Maui, he got a job with my husband, Jay Clark, as a first mate, working on our boat charter business, White Wings.  Bob loved being on the ocean, surfing and being with friends.  He was surrounded by family and friends.  
     Bob was never very serious and had a great sense of humor.  Sandi recalled the day she came home and he had put all the furniture out in the yard so he could have a poker game!!  He brought much joy and happiness to many.  He left us too early, and while I know he is always with us, he is missed.
Gary Plunkett adds:

     Bobby and I were both a bit shorter than average in elementary and junior high and we were really good friends.  Bobby and I had a great group of friends in Jim Mastick and Claude and Jeb and Johnny Tarleton, to kind of name the core.  When Jay came from Naples, he immediately joined us.  Bobby was always trying to stay out of trouble with Gram!  Gram could hear really well, Bob said, especially across the backyard pool at the Nieto family home above Rogers.  Bobby liked to play some basic boogie-woogie on the family piano.  I think I played a little on those keys too.  I found it comfortable to be with Bob in the Sterling house with George, Gram and the girls, though we didn't spend much time there as we wanted to go out and hide and smoke cigarettes in the alleys.  Then surfing together with the boys at 72; we'd be up at dark thirty to pedal with our boards on makeshift dollies or paddle across the bay digging the trippy florescence.
      I was so happy to hang out with Bobby and Sandi for a short time in 1971; they were at the Maui airport with Jay and Judy to greet me and take me to Iao Valley for skinny dipping!  Bob had been surfing and playing baseball a lot and was in good shape.  He stands out in the photo of the Maui Stoners: by then he had gained the fond name of Stonemouse and he looked  very much that part in the photo, out of uniform and wearing a devious smile.  What a classic.  He and Sandi seemed very happy and very much in love too.  Stonemouse had big gonads:  I think he took off on bigger waves than most of my other friends.  He's the only guy I know that got bitten by a shark.  There was a great article about Bob and that event in the Maui News.  He was also constantly kind and compassionate and fun-loving, as I knew and loved him as one of my tightest bros. 
Bobby Sterling 1968
In the Maui News 1973

1971 Maui (l-r) Burke Gumbiner & girlfriend, Jay Clark, Judy Sterling ('69) , Dale Johnson, Bobby Sterling, Sandi Ryan ('69)

SWANSON, Diane May, 19 1950 - 1996   Thanks to her sister, Susie:
     Diane died in late 1996.  She was using her 2nd married name, Diane Dawson, when she died and there was no obituary. She married and divorced in LA before relocating to the San Francisco area in the mid 1980's.  She remarried and became a legal assistant  during that time period.  She divorced her second husband in the mid-90's but they remained close.  She always had cats and dogs.  Diane struggled with several painful conditions and depression, which ultimately caused her untimely death due to an accidental overdose of prescription pain medications.  She was close to our dad but was estranged from our mom who preceded her in death.  We talked on occasion, but I had not seen her since about 1988.  Diane was a troubled soul but was in a relatively good place when she died.  She was in a job that she loved with a prominent law firm. In fact her death took them totally by surprise as she seemed so happy, involved and was doing an outstanding job.  She had a great little apartment and had just signed on with a personal trainer.  The attached photo is very different from the Diane that lived in Belmont Shore.  She had extensive plastic and dental surgeries and had gone very blonde.  She was much prettier as the Diane we knew but she wanted to escape that Diane.  She is missed by many.

Diane Swanson 1968
Diane Swanson

TALIERES, Christos "Chris" Dec. 4, 1950 - June 18, 2013   By daughter Stacey:
     Chris Talieres was a Long Beach native who was a diehard local. He lived in Long beach his entire life with the exception of the time he spent living in Northern California while he attended Cal Berkeley. Born in 1949 to Greek immigrant parents, Chris and his sister Maria were raised in the neighborhood surrounding Wilson High School. As a child Chris excelled both academically and athletically and was ambitious all around. Growing up he worked in his family’s ship chandlery business and from a young age was taught the value of a strong work ethic by his parents. As Chris entered his teenage years he developed close friendships with his Wilson classmates all of whom he shared a lifelong bond with. After college Chris returned to Long Beach to join his parents in the family business which he eventually assumed the role of President in the years to come. Chris married in the 1980’s and had one daughter named Stacey whom he shared a very close and special bond with. In his later years Chris continued to adore Long Beach through his daily visits to Belmont shore for his coffee talk and daily walk. Also an avid golfer Chris could be found quite often at Big Rec teeing off. Chris loved Long beach and loved life and enjoyed every minute of it up until the end. He was proud to have been a part of the Wilson alumni and valued the special relationships formed during this period of his life. Chris’s spirit is never forgotten and is forever loved by his mother, sister, and daughter. 
Chris Talieres 1968
Chris Talieres


VOORHUS, James "Jimbo" Nov. 21, 1950 - May 29, 2005   Published in the Long Beach Press-Telegram:
     On Saturday, May 14, 2005, the Lord welcomed our beloved husband, father, brother and uncle home to heaven. Family and the ICU team at St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach surrounded Jimbo with their love and comfort at his passing, due to complications of pneumonia and heart failure. Jimbo was born in Portland, OR and grew up in Long Beach, CA. He worked for several years as a merchant seaman, taking him to various foreign ports of call. His creative bird whistles, funny stories and street comedy brought smiles and laughs to many who knew him. Jimbo's love for his family, people, the ocean, the mountains and all of God's creations made him a very unique individual. Through all of his struggles and trials, the lighthouse in his life, Jesus Christ, brought him hope and peace and now everlasting life (John 3:16). He is survived by his loving wife, Teresa; son, Jimmy Voorhees of Leister, MA; sister, Debi Rogers (Stanley) of Salem, OR; brothers, Allen Stone (Melinda) of Lakewood, CA and Michael Stone (Becky) of Anaheim, CA; and his beloved nieces and nephews. Final resting place, Salem, Oregon.